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Welcome to Templar Press...

So, you've written a book...


You've spent serious time, effort and creative juice to create it. You've toiled over it, stressed over it, and breathed life into it. It's finally done and you're beaming like a proud parent.

Your family and friends love it. With their encouragement you decide to look into publishing. You research book publishers to get published and begin the long process of submissions. Even in this digital age, the gears of publishing turn slowly.

After a long year and scores of rejection letters from those traditional publishing houses unwilling to take a risk, you turn to agents. Your book is "good" they tell you, but needs "polishing". If you're lucky, they take the time to provide you with a lengthy littany of changes. Begrudgingly, you make the changes in hopes of securing representation and a contract. Another six months to a year goes by and still, no action.

Discouraged, near defeat, ready to give up, you come upon "self-publishing." Suddenly, there's a light at the end of the tunnel - you just hope it's not a train. People just like you are getting published. Their books fill the ranks of Some wonderfully professional. Some, not so much.

Self publishing used to mean "vanity publishers", paying thousands of dollars to get your book to a saleable format and paying for boxes and boxes of books to fill your garage. That's fine if you want to hawk your book on street corners and flea markets... but it doesn't have to be like that.

Writing is a gift...

Your story deserves to be told and shared. Templer Press helps authors develop and publish high-quality books by offering professional layout & design, book covers, logo art, e-publishing, printing, and book marketing services. Rather than stumbling through the labrynth of tasks, we guide you through the steps, effectively saving you thousands of dollars...

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