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UPDATED: 1-12-2024

With hundreds of thousand of readers all around the globe, I'm delighted to say we've had visitors from 55 countries and every state in the US! Thank you so much! I love my readers!

Ordering a Book In Print

When you order a Wings Of Steele novel

in paperback, how is it made...?

WOS-V Cover-S.jpg

Book 6...?

• Where is Book 6?

• Is there another book coming out? • Are you still writing?

• Is the WOS series over?

I've been getting a lot of those types of questions lately. The answer; yes and no.

Yes, the series is continuing.

Yes there is a Book 6.

No, it has not come to an end.

The hard question; am I still writing, was until recently, no. But now it's yes. The  delay was unplanned, but we make sacrifices for family. Things are recovering and slowly returning to normal. So hang in there folks!

Join my global community!

"Mix 'Star Wars' with 'Mission Impossible'

and here is the result."















The entire Wings of Steele Series, is available

in; e-book, paperback and audio book. Links are available on their individual book pages.

Audio book versions for all 5 books are available

on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

WOS-R CoverSMLv2.jpg
GLOW S.png

Thank you for visiting. Like all authors, I live on reviews - if you would be so kind as to leave a review at your retailer it would be greatly appreciated. I do my best to personally answer all my emails and I welcome your thoughts, ideas and comments. PLUS, I can register you for some cool giveaways!  E-mail me here!

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