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Resurrection - BOOK 5

There may be aliens in our Milky Way galaxy, and there are billions of other galaxies. The probability is almost certain that there is life somewhere in space.                                ~Buzz Aldrin

NOTE: This is a series, and as such, reading them in numerical order is highly recommended for maximum enjoyment!

Somehow, Steele survived his ordeal... or did he? He emerges a man, in some measure less than he was, but more than he should be. But what has he become, exactly? The question is not whether he can be identified or not, and not by what label can be applied to him, but rather, will he allow himself to admit it.

After his brush with death, Jack Steele has been both lost and found, dead and alive, but something is different... Something he cannot define. In his single-mindedness to get back to his family, he is forced to ignore signs and dismiss clues, as to who, or what, he may have become. With a new wealth of unexplained information that floods him from time to time, he is baffled by the gaps in his memory that plague him.

Alone and on his own, Steele finds trust is a dangerous and precarious proposition. Forced to change and adapt to survive in Dark Territory, he is willing to do nearly anything to reach his goal. Will he succeed? Will he survive?

Flung wide across the stars in a multitude of directions, Jack Steele and his extended family struggle for survival, left to their own devices. But their goal remains the same; duty to finish their mission if at all possible... and get home. Accomplishing both, is a trial of wits, perseverance, guts and honor - fraught with unimaginable danger.

Space is unpredictable, untamed and unforgiving; if they are going to survive, they are all going to need to be brave, bold and ruthless... without losing sight of their humanity.




Some additional reading while you're waiting for my next volume of Wings Of Steele!

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