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What readers are saying about the WINGS of STEELE series...

* * * * *  "This series is an examples of very well crafted Space Opera; good quality, technically competent writing, believable, well-paced plot, interesting, well-drawn characters, and lots of action. All combined to keep you reading and wanting more."


* * * * *  "The unusual mix of characters feels totally real and make you wish you were a part of the crew. Jack is every woman's hero and is the man every man strives to be. This book has everything, mystery, suspense, action and sizzling love."


* * * * *  "Buy this book! Read it now!! I have read thousands of books and most of the classic and modern sci fi and fantasy novels and this series ranks among the best. Lots of non-stop action and I cannot wait for the next installment!"


* * * * *  "I loved it and couldn't put it down. A real page turner. Jeff Burger is a gifted novelist, a writer who creates a compelling reading experience. I highly recommend it to anyone who reads science-fiction to buy this for their library. This was a thriller with more twists, turns and excitement than a modern-day roller coaster. It was a captivating story with a cast of well-thought-out characters. His writing rocks! "


* * * * *  "If you like military action and a great storyline… this is the series for you. Can't wait for the next installment... Write faster, Mr. Burger!"


* * * * *  "Highly recommended! A saga in the league of Star Wars. The non stop action makes the book hard to put down so expect some late nights."


* * * * *  "Love this series, love the flying aspects. As a pilot and ex-RCAF officer of 35 years the flying - the air and space combat is excellent from its first person perspective. I could feel myself riding along at Mach 10 with my hair on fire : ) "


* * * * *  "As a woman I love seeing strong female characters in a story and this one doesn't disappoint. I love Jack as the lead character but it's nice to see the author isn't afraid to write in someone for us ladies to identify with as well. This non-stop adventure kept me turning pages to see what would happen next - I couldn't stop reading."


* * * * *  "I know that this is space opera, but you can actually believe that the aliens exist exactly as described. The combination of happenings on earth and all around the solar system is a great mix. I like the way the author alternates locales with each chapter and thus keeps us up-to-date with important characters on earth and in space."

"A 5-star series all the way."

"Like COWBOYS IN SPACE! What a hoot!"


"Best armchair adventure ever!"


"Home Run! Bravo!"


"Superior, exciting space opera!"


"I laughed out loud, I cried, I cheered!"


"A saga in the league of Star Wars."


"Brilliant series."


"Edge of your seat action."


"WARNING - this series can be habit forming."


"They just keep getting better!"


"One of the best scifi stories I have ever read!"


"A five star series for any space opera fan."


"I simply couldn't put it down."

"Mix 'Star Wars' with 'Mission Impossible' and here is the result."

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