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Wings of Steele- The Series
Wings of Steele- The Series
Wings of Steele- The Series


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Wings Of Steele - Destination Unknown (Book 1)
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Flight of Freedom - BOOK 2

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."                                                          ~Sir Edmund Burke

The Adventure continues - with one major difference; Jack Steele's Freedom is no longer the wounded duck she once was. They leave UFW Blackmount Station repaired and retooled, with a complete crew, fully armed and resupplied, ready to hunt.

But life is rarely as simple as it appears on the surface and this becomes painfully evident with the complexities in space as events splinter even the best laid plans at home and abroad.

Organized and motivated, the pirates are not to be taken lightly with a growing fleet of freelancers attracted by wealth and fame. In her own right, the Freedom was a name becoming famous... or infamous as far as the pirates were concerned. And that could spell disaster for the Freedom and her crew...


Available in e-book, paperback and AudioBook. 


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