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Agency or Freelance Designer? Why?

Why a Freelancer? Why not?

Whether you're searching digitally online, or considering brick-and-mortar agencies for marketing and advertising support, you might want to consider a talented, experienced, Freelancer.

Most agencies have sizeable budgets and man power, but that translates into substantial overhead and usually a heavier hit on your wallet to complete your project. On the other hand, a Freelance Designer offers you the advantage of working directly with the talent responsible for completing your project instead of working through the levels and filters involved in an agency. Working directly with a creative talent is a much closer, personal, rewarding experience to achieve your marketing and advertising goals. Less money, fewer obstacles, more win!

Success And The Freelance Designer

Even a successful, prolific freelancer does not have the flurry of countless clients and swarm of projects to deviate his attention away from your most important work - so you can expect personal attention that parallels no other working relationship you've ever experienced. Your satisfaction and success is directly attached to their own.


The magical triad of service is: Cheap - Fast - Good. Suspended somewhere in that mix is value - which only you can measure. The decision to make is, which two are the most important - because you can't have all three. But, working with a freelancer, who doesn't have the expensive overhead of an agency, means the budget you have on hand will go much further. And that equates to better value. Of course, with anything else, if a price looks too good to be true, it probably is! Take a good look at their portfolio to be sure they have the skills and experience to complete your project.

One-On-One With Your Designer

Communication is key. Working directly with your design talent means there is no middleman dissecting your wishes; because we all know what a mess relaying information can cause.

With the benefit of a one-to-one relationship, your designer can translate your ideas into solid creative work with insightful and experienced guidance, assuring the success of your project.


Ultimate flexibility. A freelance designer makes his own rules, his own timetables and has the freedom to adjust them to meet your needs and your deadlines. This works both ways, allowing you, the client, the flexibility to hire a freelance for short term, long term, or pre-staged projects. Creative talent will work within your established budget to meet your needs, to foster the growth of your business, at the pace that works best for you.

You Love What We Do - So Do We

Pride in every project. Experienced talent eats, sleeps and breathes graphic design. We spend time, money and research on software, techniques, computers and anything else that helps us do our jobs better. We are perfectionists. There is a high expectation of quality for the finished project not only for your satisfaction, but for the designer as well. Extra time and effort on detail is often afforded, that you as a client, will never notice, simply because we love what we do and it's the next best thing to be added to our portfolio of successful work.

Diversity of Skill and Experience

A network of talent. Agencies aren't the only ones with resources - experienced freelance designers

usually have either the diversity of experience, or network of associates to work on projects that might spread beyond the boundaries of their skillset. Most experienced talent has a fairly wide scope of abilities to accommodate your needs, but with the expanse of marketing and advertising realm, it is difficult to be an expert in everything. Even agencies use outside talent - which of course could be a stiff hit to your budget. But because of the extreme flexibility of the freelance designer, that collaboration is much more affordable. Any needs that extend outside the freelancer's range of skills would typically be discussed in your initial consultation.

Personally, with me at Jeff Burger Designs, that scope of talent and experience is so wide, that it is difficult to cover in even an entire paragraph. So if you're curious about a project you're planning, seriously, anything at all, drop me an email and let's get your business moving forward.

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