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Reunited Forever...

On September 15th, 2022, my mother, Leona Burger (Sadorf) has been eternally reunited with my father, Kenneth Burger.

As inevitable as her passing was, she had just had her 90th birthday, it caught us by surprise. A fall at home left her needing a hip replacement without any other viable options.

Unfortunately, complications arose post-surgery and she was called home to the Lord on Thursday morning at 8 am. Which was kind of ironic considering mom was never really a morning person. I'm guessing someone, somewhere, got an earful for that.

Mom never really asked for much but she did got her wish to relocate from Chicago to Florida. She and my sister bought a beautiful house with a garden and a pool to enjoy Florida living. While their new place made the transition from house to home, mom stayed with me in my home. My biggest regret is she never got to stay a night in her new home... But truthfully, I think she was just as happy staying with me and getting to see me every day.

I take consolation in the fact that there is significant scientific support for belief in the eternal afterlife. The First Law of Thermodynamics says, energy is neither created nor destroyed and the Law of Conservation of Mass, says that while mass can change shape or form, mass cannot be lost. And since we are made up of mass and energy, we cannot simply wink out of existence. We still exist. Somewhere. Forever. And since our soul is energy, not mass, that means our consciousness will still exist, we will live on.

Mom, Dad, until we meet again, in that house not built with hands...


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