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Picture This...

Q: What's the single most important thing in any kind of marketing effort?

Photo Retouching and Photo Manipulation

A: The first thing they see - the imagery. Catch the viewer's attention, or you're sunk.

In today's instant gratification, media-rich avalanche of information assaulting our minds, you have a half-a-second to catch the attention of your target audience. Miss that, and they've already moved on to something else. Now, that's not to say you're content shouldn't be compelling - it'd better be, because if it's not, that initial attention grab was wasted - and they're not coming back.

All other elements being equal of course, your photos or imagery is the thing that peaks their interest, draws them in, and keeps them interested. That goes for magazine covers, book covers, slick advertisements, brochures, direct mail, or in the case of Realtors, their listing photos.

I get it, you're trying to save a few dollars; maybe you shot your own photos, maybe you hired a semi-pro... who's going to notice, right? Believe me when I say, people notice. What should really be of concern, is all those people who never notice at all, because your graphic content doesn't have enough punch to get their attention to begin with. Ouch.

And that ouch isn't just in your pride, it's in your wallet - whether it's money wasted or sales lost. When there's income in jeopardy because your primary or even secondary imagery fails at it's job, you need an expert. Someone who understands not just what's wrong, but how to make it right - it doesn't matter if you're selling a $1.99 widget, or a multi-million dollar home like the one above.

Q: I don't think I can get better photos - are some photos simply beyond help?

Photo Retouching and Photo Manipulation

A: Rarely, but only an expert can you tell you for sure. My success rate is 100% to date.

• In the aerial shot above, a builder was struggling with a dry Florida winter lawn, heavy shadows and an all-too-common power line in the shots for his model home. Alternate times of the day didn't produce proper light for the face of the property and he was up against a tight timeline for planned advertising and open house announcements. A 24-hour turnaround provided him stellar picture-perfect results he could be proud of.

• For the Connerton Properties entrance, proposed changes were being introduced in a board meeting and the client needed to clearly reflect the ideas, including the chosen PMS color for the revised signage. This was also a 24-hour turnaround that the client was extremely pleased with. The proposals were readily adopted.

Don't struggle with imagery issues - CONTACT ME! Just like so many others have... Because even pro photographers have a bad day, where equipment, or mother nature refuses to cooperate on an all-important picture day. Simply stated; stuff happens. And it doesn't matter if you're a Manufacturer, a Photographer, a Realtor, or a Builder, I can save your skin - and your project.


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